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About Us

The Roslyn Synagogue, a member of the Orthodox Union, is a friendly and welcoming synagogue in Roslyn Heights, Long Island. Jews of all levels of observance are welcome. The Roslyn Synagogue opened in 1976 and has been led since its inception by Rabbi Robert (Hillel) Block. The Roslyn Synagogue has a 10-square mile eruv that surrounds a major part of the Greater Roslyn area.

In the tradition of Abraham and Sarah, the Roslyn Synagogue welcomes all visitors and guests.  If you are in need of hospitality for Shabbat or a holiday, please contact us.

The Roslyn Synagogue
257 Garden Street
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577
(516) 484-0697

You can also email Rabbi Block directly at:

Where we are – Roslyn, NY

Rabbi & Rebbitzen Block

Rabbi Robert Block has been pivotal in the success of The Roslyn Synagogue. His warm personality, sense of humor, consummate rabbinic knowledge, and thoughtful teaching style have endeared him to congregants and visiting guests. Rabbi Block inspires congregants at all levels of observance and knowledge.

In addition to his achievements at The Roslyn Synagogue, Rabbi Block has been a scholar in residence at several synagogues in the United States and abroad. He has lectured widely and has taught courses at Great Neck Project Identity and at the North Shore Adult Education Institute. Rabbi Block is a member of the Rabbinical Council of America, and the Orthodox Union.

You can email Rabbi Block directly at

Rebbitzen Beile Block has served as a mentor to young Rebbitzens both through the Rabbinical Council of America, and Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future Rabbinic Mentoring Initiative. She attended Stern College and is currently a candidate for a Masters Degree in Jewish History from Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies at Yeshiva University. Beile is a consultant for curriculum development and training for the network of Jewish Community Center Early Childhood programs. 

Together with Rabbi Block and the entire congregation, she has helped create the warm, welcoming atmosphere of The Roslyn Synagogue. She also is actively involved in the Roslyn Synagogue Sisterhood and lectures widely on topics of Jewish interest.  Beile is always available for guidance and support.

Message from the Rabbi

When a community of Jews seeks to establish a bet tefilla, a house of prayer, how should we proceed? What is required of us? Where is the model for us to emulate? Towards what goal should we strive?

Interestingly, one answer is provided us in the text of Slichot, the Penitential Prayers, recited before and during the Yamim Noraim, the Days of Awe, in the paragraph preceding the Shma Kolaynu and Al Chet (It is also read in the Haftorah on fast days). Slichot quotes from the Book of Isaiah:

Vahaveeotim el har kodshi, veseemachteem befayt tefillati, olotayhem ezivchayhem leratzon al mizbechi, kee vaytee bayt tefilla yikareh lechol hoameem.

I will bring them to My sacred Mount and let them rejoice in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and sacrifices shall be welcome on My altar, for My house shall be called A house of prayer for all peoples”.

The Prophet Isaiah’s vision is of a Temple that engenders rejoicing. Rabbi David Kimche, Radak, a younger contemporary of Rambam, 1160-1235, attempts to explain the rejoicing. He maintains that all the nations of the world will rejoice when they find themselves in the azara, the house of prayer.

The entire Roslyn Synagogue community should feel a sense of pride in our shul. It has, indeed, become a place of rejoicing; a place where all come together to daven, study, eat, and socialize. It is a place where Judaism is experienced with joy, camaraderie, pride, and gladness; where guests feel welcome when they arrive, and usually leave with a smile.

May we all continue try to realize the vision of Yeshayahu Hanavi, of the Prophet Isaiah, in the days, months, and years to come; that our shul embody the ideal of veseemachtem bevayt tefillati, “you shall rejoice in the house of my prayer”.

Rabbinic Intern

The Roslyn Synagogue has a tradition of participating in the education of the next generation of modern orthodox rabbis. The Roslyn Synagogue and Rabbi Block annually host a rabbinical intern. The rabbinical intern, at regular intervals, provides sermons and educational activities to the Roslyn Synagogue congregation, while getting real life rabbinical experience.

Ben and Miriam Kean

Ben and Miriam Kean, of Washington Heights, are very excited to re-join the Roslyn Synagogue for their second year! Ben, originally from Bethesda, MD, is in his fourth year of Semicha in YU, where he is also pursuing a MA from Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies and a MS from Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration. Ben delivers shiurim and derashot and runs programs for children, teenagers, and members of all ages. In addition to being passionate about Torah and Jewish education, Ben enjoys painting. Miriam, originally from Brookline, MA, works for Sesame Workshop as an accountant, and holds a BS and MS in Accounting from Sy Syms School of Business.

Sun, June 20 2021 10 Tammuz 5781